Press releases

NPF Director Organizes International Program on White Dwarfs

NPF has a new PhD in Astrophysics!

Astronomers observe the moment in which small fragments of the destruction of planets impact on corpse stars

The Impact of Gas on Dust Grains in Debris Disks

Researchers propose the existence of a companion star for the HD169142 system

Searching for moons with rings outside the Solar System 

Improving the technique for finding exoplanets 

Scientists observe an eclipse produced by dust grains near a star

Tracing the orbits of young stars with interferometry

Clues to planet formation?

Studying the morphology of protoplanetary disks

Studying the time evolution of the disks in which planets form

NPF has a new master in astrophysics: Catalina Zamora

The mystery is revealed: Astrophysicists discover the mechanism that generates the magnetic field in white dwarfs in binary stars

Unveiling the future of ultra-short-period exoplanets

The Shadow Play of Forming Planets

NPF presents and publishes in prestigious instrumentation conference series

NPF students are awarded with important national scholarships for doctoral studies

Three NPF researchers were awarded grants in the Fondecyt 2021 competition

How does a forming planet behave?

What is the population of spectroscopic binaries?

Debris discs in binary stars

NPF is renewed for three more years 

What do the sizes of the “Kepler planets” tell us about their formation process?

Trojans in our Solar System 

First light from an NPF carbon fiber mirror!

NPF researchers characterize the production of dust grains in a young debris disk

NPF researchers study stellar encounters

NPF astronomer participates in research that discovered strange variable star

Researchers creates tool that analyzes variable objects

Astronomers observe an elusive second-generation disk around a dwarf star

Researchers from NPF studied brown dwarfs formation process


NPF researcher characterizes disk around a low-mass star