Clément Perrot

Clément did his PhD in LESIA (Paris Observatory) in France between 2014 and 2017, which was them followed by a position of assistant professor at Paris Observatory before taking his current post-doctoral position at NPF.

He specializes in detection and characterization of planetary systems using high contrast imaging techniques, especially with ESO/SPHERE instrument.

His main project focuses on the characterization of circumstellar disks around young stars, such as debris disks and transition disks using high contrast images from SPHERE, at the VLT, and disk modeling. He is also involved in the SPHERE consortium and especially in SHINE, a large survey for the characterisation and detection of exoplanets with SPHERE.

During his PhD, Clément was also involved in the MICADO consortium to design the coronagraphic mode of MICADO, one of the first light instrument of the ELT.