Nicolás Moreno

Nicolás Moreno Olavarría is a biologist graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Master (c) in Technology Management at the University of Santiago de Chile.
His research interests have led him to specialize in astrobiology, in the area of pre-biogenic chemistry in the interstellar medium, biochemical residues of meteorites and the modeling of viruses as an exotic life form.

In optical engineering his interest is the research, development and innovation of new materials and systems for astronomical and aerospace optics in Chile.

As a founding partner of ventures in the technical area, he has won innovation contests for new uses of copper (CODELCO 2016) and NASA open innovation (Hackaton 2019, Chile), for new indicators of sustainability with applications in Green Hydrogen.

His interest in STEM education has led him to teach at secondary and university level, to develop multiple outreach activities in astronomy for over 30 years and to support and strengthen the development of quality initiatives in astrotourism.