Itziar de Gregorio

Itziar de Gregorio-Monsalvo is the Head of the ALMA Program Management group. She did her PhD in the Spanish National Institute for Aerospace Technology, using the NASA Deep Space Network antennas to set up Radio Astronomy observations and performing star formation studies at centimeter wavelengths. She joint ESO in 2006 as an ESO ALMA fellow with duties at the APEX telescope, the Atacama Test Facility (in Socorro, New Mexico), and the Operations Support Facilities near San Pedro de Atacama. She became ESO Faculty member in 2010, working as an ALMA Science Operations Astronomer.

Her main research activities are focused in star and planetary formation, in particular:

  • Star, planets, and brown dwarfs formation

  • Protoplanetary disks formation and evolution

  • Jets and molecular outflows

  • Astrophysical masers

  • Centimeter, Millimeter and Submillimeter Astronomy: Interferometry and Single Dish techniques